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As you know, this year we launched the Alex Bunbury Soccer Academy (ABSA). I’m so excited to begin to implement our vision of ensuring that every young person can thrive in all areas of life. Based on +20 years average coaching and youth mentoring experience of our staff, ABSA will provide a world-class training program as well as holistic life skills education. Not only will we provide training, nutrition, and coaching to help all our youth meet their athletic goals, but every player will have access to tutoring, college pathway programs, work study programs, financial literacy training, and community engagement through guest speakers and educational trips. Crucially, our academy uses a combined business and nonprofit model to ensure that all interested youth can enroll and receive comprehensive support regardless of financial means.

In these current times of division and discord, ABSA is a place of diversity and harmony. We bring young people together across racial and socioeconomic backgrounds to build bridge and create safe and supportive communities. ABSA is also a place that realizes and uplifts the individual value and confidence of every young person. We engage youth through their passion for soccer and try to equip the with the tools they will need to succeed in whatever path they choose. Since our launch nine (9) months ago we have already seen amazing progress and success. Two players from our program were offered full-ride college scholarships. A third player was recruited and enrolled in the current academic year. Another twelve (12) players are actively in discussion with college coaches for potential scholarships.

We are proud to announce that. A Steady Hand, a non-profit organization, has partnered with ABSA to serve as our fiscal agent and provide programming in the form of mentorships, college pathways, and much more. Please visit their website: to donate. Upon donating, please email me at as well as to specify that you would like your proceeds to ABSA. Once completed, you will receive an email with the tax receipt for your donation.We would be honored if you would consider supporting ABSA and this important work with a financial gift. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used to ensure financial accessibility of the program for low-income participants. The donated funds will cover the following expenses: Life Time membership, uniforms, travel expenses, healthy meals while traveling, field trips, fees for tutoring and college visits, and ACT/SAT tutoring fees.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Alex Bunbury
Alex Bunbury Soccer Academy
Director of Operations
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